Narateen FAQs

What is Narateen?

Narateen is a part of the worldwide fellowship of Nar-Anon Family Groups, a twelve step self-help program.  Narateen provides support and hope to young people whose lives have been affected by a relative or friend’s drug abuse. Narateen meetings are sponsored and monitored by experienced Nar-Anon members.

What is a Narateen Group?

Narateen is an integral part of the Nar-Anon fellowship. Sponsors guide and share knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by facilitating meetings by keeping group focused and on topic. Narateen meetings are closed and limited to teenagers who are coping with the addiction problem of a family member or friend.

What are Narateen Sponsors?

Every Narateen group has a Nar-Anon sponsor. If possible, it is suggested that each group has two sponsors. Narateen sponsors should help to facilitate, not rule, the meetings by keeping the group focused and on topic. It is best if a sponsor is not a parent of a Narateen member as the members of the group may not feel free to speak openly. Sponsors should be those who are active in Nar-Anon and continue to attend their own meetings.

What age group is Narateen?

Narateen is designed for members in their teens. Members beyond the teen years are encouraged to attend Nar-Anon meetings. Family members below teen years may not be ready for the Narateen self-help program. Such children may have to depend on others to choose what they learn. This dependency could lead to the development of a teaching program rather than a shared learning experience. “Teaching” is not compatible with the Nar-Anon principle of sharing. There are, however, younger children who need and are ready for sharing in Narateen. It is within the autonomy of each Narateen group to lower the age limit or divide into groups according to age.

What can I do to help my children?

Narateen is apart of Nar-Anon specifically for teenagers who are affected by the addiction of a family member or friend. At specially arranged meetings teens share their experiences and hope with other teenagers living with similar circumstances.

How can Narateen help?

Through group meetings, young people learn from each other effective ways of coping, while at the same time gaining some peace of mind and hope for a better way to live. Narateen members help one another by sharing their experience, strength and hope.

Are there Dues or Fees?

Meetings are free. All donations are voluntary. Nar-Anon/Narateen is supported by members’ voluntary contributions and from the sale of our Conference Approved Literature.

How do I find a Narateen meeting?

Nar-Anon Groups hold meetings in the United States, Canada, and several other countries worldwide. To locate a group near you, use the "Meetings Search Box" on the right side column of all pages of this site.

What if there is no Narateen in my area?

If there is no group near you, talk to someone in a Nar-Anon meeting and ask if they would be willing to sponsor a Narateen group.

What materials are available for Narateen members, sponsors and groups?

At this time, Nar-Anon does not have Narateen recovery literature; groups use Alateen materials along with conference approved literature. As members read or study Alateen literature, they change the word alcoholism to addiction, drinking to using, and alcoholic to addict. Refer to Narateen Meeting Page for information about Narateen Materials. 

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