Calling All Region Chairs...

   Ring! Ring!

   Calling all

   Region Chairs!


Hello! My name is Kathy B.
I have just returned from a wonderful, recovery-filled weekend in Atlanta where I attended the East Coast Convention. At the convention, I met other region chairs. We spent time together discussing our regions and exchanging ideas. It was a great experience to be able to reach out to my counterparts in another region, to ask questions, and to make new friends.

Three of us discussed the possibility of inviting other regions to join in our conversations. Other highlights of a weekend discussion were to have our own forum to share ideas, successes, and failures; to discuss tough topics such as how to handle conflict and how to conduct an effective region assembly.

Unfortunately, we do not know all of the region chairs. So we are asking that if you are interested in speaking to other region chairs, to have a resource available to you, please contact me:

Kathy B at

Hopefully, we will all benefit from communicating with each other.

In Service,

Kathy B, Florida Region Chair