Dig Deeper - 7th Tradition

Quarterly Appeal to Nar-Anon Members


Did you know Nar-Anon is celebrating its 44th year?

The first newcomers came to Nar-Anon 44 years ago and put a dollar in the basket when it was passed around for the 7th Tradition.

At that time,

  • the cost of gasoline was 32 cents a gallon
  • penny candy was actually a penny
  • milk cost 99 cents a gallon (depending upon where you lived)
  • movie tickets were 25 cents
  • a first-class stamp was 5 cents
  • a new home was $23,300


Therefore, with a dollar you could buy

  • 100 pieces of candy
  • 3 gallons of gas
  • 20 stamps
  • 4 movie tickets...


Wow, a dollar went along way!

So when the 7th Tradition basket is passed at your meeting, remember your group pays rent, buys literature and makes regular donations to the area, region, and WSO. A newcomer packet is $1.50, a blue book $1.15, and a stamp 45 cents.

As you sit holding your $4.49 Grande, extra-hot, double-shot, half caffeine, half non-fat, low-whip latte, of course this is after you stopped at the gas station and for $30.00 maybe got half a tank of gas, please remember to Dig Deeper.

Your group, area, and region along with WSO need your help. The WSO staff works diligently to keep up with supply and demand. With all of our exciting changes and growth, we need your help and funds to continue carrying the message.

When I was desperate, the Nar-Anon program was there for me because members gave 
their support of time and money. I will now do the same.
By giving back, I support the program so it is there to help others in need.

“Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope
” Nar-Anon Family Groups Daily Reader, July 17