Mini-Convention Share


Grassy Park, suburb of Cape Town, South Africa
The Nar-Anon Grassy Park Mini Convention was an emotional day. I was profoundly affected and moved to write the following story.
Before I joined the Nar-Anon fellowship, I was living, breathing, and functioning as a human being, but I was emotionally dead. I constantly found ways to block my emotions and, in time, my heart turned to stone.
Blocking my emotions became a coping mechanism to deal with family situations and life on life's terms. In Nar-Anon I discovered my condition was no different from that of my drug addict son.
He used drugs to anesthetize himself and his emotions, and I used a stone heart to achieve the same effect.
In working the Nar-Anon 12 Step Program, I discovered ways to get in touch with my emotions. It has been a refreshing and liberating journey. Today I am grateful for the flood of emotion when faced with family situations, random acts of human kindness, and heartwarming stories.
On careful reconsideration, I now think of a “stone heart” as being a block of cold ice. The people in my Nar-Anon family became tiny rays of sunshine that warmed my heart and melted the ice. The result was a flood of emotion.
I thank each and every one of you for bringing me out of the cold. I thank my Nar-Anon groups for keeping me safe and warm. I thank my Higher Power and the Nar-Anon fellowship for shining on me.
Finally, I thank you for reading my story and letting me share my experience, strength, and hope.