Oxygen Mask


I remember very clearly my first Nar-Anon meeting. The people in that meeting were talking about a subject that was uppermost in my mind throughout my daily life.
I remember clearly wanting to return to that meeting, as I was hungry to interact with people who knew and talked about drug addiction.
It was as though I were wearing an oxygen mask during the 1½ hour Nar-Anon meetings. My daily life was a struggle, but that weekly Nar-Anon meeting was a breath of fresh air.
I based my daily life around the remaining time between meetings. Tuesdays were goods days, and Wednesdays were the best days, as 8pm Wednesday night was my Nar-Anon meeting. I am very grateful that after three months in the program a group conscience was taken, and I was asked to chair the meeting. That meant I got to take home the entire pack of CAL (Conference Approved Literature). I used the literature to prepare for the next meeting.
I remember going to bed at night and reading CAL. After a short time, I realized that reading CAL had the same oxygen mask effect as being in a meeting.
Slowly but surely, my daily struggle was aided by reading CAL and attending my weekly meeting. Recovery was engulfing me even though my addicted son was still using. I continued to immerse myself in the Nar-Anon program, and I gradually achieved higher levels of peace and serenity.
After five years of Nar-Anon recovery, my son finally reached rock bottom, and, thanks to my Higher Power and the Nar-Anon fellowship, my oxygen mask was firmly on my face, and I was breathing and thinking clearly.
I had what I can only describe as an out-of-body experience the morning that my son hit rock bottom. He was out of control, and he reached out for help. I am convinced my Higher Power elevated me to a place of peace and serenity, and together we calmly and clearly laid out a plan that would facilitate our family participation in his recovery. We calmly set boundaries and applied many of the Nar-Anon principles we had learned over the years.
Today, I know that for my survival my lungs need fresh air, and my body, mind, and soul needs Nar-Anon.