Recovery shows me how to 
  • hold those I love with open hands and an open heart
  • be free to be myself and walk my own path
  • support without suffocating
  • love without strings
  • feel I am loved with an amazing love
  • give as I have been given to
To love and to care is human and true.
To give up controlling is inviting divine intervention for us both!
My recovery began the same day my son went to rehab. Within 4 days, I was in the family meeting at his treatment facility and realized I also had the family disease. I felt compelled to change. I was in such total despair as to how I would ever be able to let go.
I spent some time in grateful prayer and meditation on our one year anniversary. As I was being still and reflecting on our recoveries and the miracles that had happened in our lives, the above thoughts came into my mind so I wrote them down. This truly has been my experience in recovery.


September is National Recovery Month