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Greenville, South Carolina
The Greenville, South Carolina Nar-Anon group hosted a workshop on June 30 titled “What Does it Mean to Work the Nar-Anon Program?”
Approximately thirty participants from the tri-state areas of North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina attended the Saturday workshop, enjoying the camaraderie. It didn’t hurt that there was pizza and many goodies to be enjoyed!
The morning session concentrated on working the steps of the program, specifically the first step. There was much discussion as we read Step One and privately answered straightforward questions concerning our progress on this step. This process resulted in much soul-searching, not only for those of us who are new, but also for those who have worked Step One before.
The afternoon session was a forum on finding and using a sponsor. For those who do not yet have a sponsor, it was an informational session on how to ask another member to become our sponsor and how to make the relationship a worthwhile part of our lives.
The day ended with draws for wonderful gift baskets provided by the Greenville group and hopes for more inspiring sessions to come!
With time comes wisdom and understanding.
With time comes spirituality.
With time comes peace in our hearts and in our homes.
“Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope”
Nar-Anon Family Groups Daily Reader, March 19