I Keep Coming Back

Why do I keep coming back whether or not my loved one has found recovery?

  • I keep coming back to Nar-Anon because
  • I want to help others as others have helped me.
  • I want to be of service to those who are lost, isolated, confused, and broken.
  • I want to help newcomers.
  • I want to give back because I received so much.
  • I want to pay it forward.
  • I want to see Nar-Anon grow because there is such a need.
  • I want to be around brave, empathetic, service-minded people.
  • I want to live one day at a time.
  • It keeps me humble.
  • It’s a step. Step 12.
How service has benefited my personal program of recovery.
At first…
  • It was a way to keep busy.
  • It was a way to keep my mind off my misery.
  • It was a way to be around people with recovery maturity.
  • It was a way to learn wisdom from long time members.
  • It was a way to be around program people for longer than an hour.
  • It’s a way of life!