Conference 2010


The Nar-Anon Family Groups’ third World Service Conference, WSC 2010, was held in San Pedro, CA, from April 22 to April 26, 2010.


Conference attendees included ten members of the Nar-Anon Board of Trustees, fifteen elected Regional Delegates, and one elected Alternate Delegate acting as the Delegate, all with voice and vote. Also in attendance were six elected Alternate Delegates with voice only, and the World Service Executive Director and Conference Chair with voice limited to their roles at the conference. Two paid observers attended the entire conference with other Nar-Anon members who observed and attended parts of the conference.


For the first time, an introductory meeting was held the evening before the conference.  We also introduced and, very successfully used, a computer projection system to display all motions and several PowerPoint presentations to the conference.


Updated “Conference Standing Rules,” including rules limiting the scope of motions from the floor of the conference, were adopted.


Thirty-six motions were submitted to the WSC 2010 committee and placed in the Conference Agenda Report (CAR).  These motions were dealt with under old business at the conference.  Six motions were withdrawn by the Regions that submitted them, eleven passed, seventeen failed, one was ruled out of order by the conference, and one motion was postponed until the WSC 2012.


Under old business, The Nar-Anon Family Groups (NFG) Guide to Local Services, the first major update to Nar-Anon’s Policies and Guidelines since 1993, was adopted as amended. The 1993 guidelines were adapted from Al-Anon.  We now have guidelines for local services specifically designed and adapted for Nar-Anon.  In addition, five new pieces of literature received conference approval.


Also under old business, the motion from the Board of Trustees (BoT) to use a tally process for the Nar-Anon groups to approve any future changes to Nar-Anon’s Steps, Traditions, Concepts, Logo or purpose, was passed.


Six additional motions were dealt with under new business. Two passed, three failed, and one was postponed indefinitely (which killed the motion forever).


The most significant motion under new business came from the BoT and passed unanimously.  This motion requires the BoT to obtain conference approval in order to make a change to the minimum or maximum number of Trustees who may serve on the Board, as specified in Nar-Anon’s bylaws.


Through the actions of the conference attendees, it became clear to those present, that the conference is the guardian of the Nar-Anon program while in session and while not in session, the BoT are the guardians of our program.


Yours in service,


Tom M.




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