Starting a Group FAQ

If there is no Nar-Anon Family Group in your community, you may start one. Your first problem in getting a group started is locating at least one other person sharing your concern. Anyone who is concerned about a relative or friend’s drug use - may start a group.

Find a meeting place, usually in a church, school, or community center. Churches usually want a small donation for a meeting place – passing the basket at the meeting may pay for this. After you have found a meeting place, contact the Nar-Anon Headquarters (World Service Office) by phone, e-mail (Click here to E-mail Nar-Anon WSO), or use an on-line form.

You will have to purchase the New Group Packet for $35.00. It includes all the necessary information and literature to start a meeting along with a group registration form. Click here for an order form.

A permanent mailing address such as the secretary of the group, will assure your group will continue to receive the benefits of headquarters’ service.

You will need to attract more members to your group. Attend an open Narcotics Anonymous meeting and talk with the spouses or parents of members. Usually N.A. groups are happy to cooperate with Nar-Anon, but they must be assured that their anonymity will be guarded.

You may inform clergymen, doctors, social workers, and others in your community - who has the occasion to counsel the families of drug abusers. This can be done by mail and you can keep your anonymity. Some newspapers will include Nar-Anon listings without charge.

In Nar-Anon’s suggested format for group meetings, it states we have no dues or fees, but we pass the basket at each meeting to pay for literature, to cover the group expenses, and to support the World Service Office. Nar-Anon Family Groups are supported by the voluntary contributions from its members. It is always important to have a good display of Nar-Anon booklets and literature for the newcomers to purchase and read for an understanding of the Nar-Anon program.

Don’t be discouraged if your group grows slowly, or if members drop out – there are many reasons why people do not continue to attend, even if your meetings are highly interesting and helpful. The early enthusiasm of some members may dwindle, or they may decide they have had all they can get from Nar-Anon, not realizing how much it can do for them if they continue. Whatever the reason, Nar-Anon is like N.A., it is only for those who really need it and want it and those members must be allowed to work out their own problems without pressure or persuasion.

A small discussion group does not need a Board of Directors, but you need a secretary and member to act as leader of the discussion.

There may be group problems – write or call the World Service Office (Headquarters) and explain the situation. The help you receive will be based on our Twelve Traditions and the experience of other groups.


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